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Why do people love Turkey and travel so much? Read the interviews!

Why people love to travel to Turkey?

Read Dan's interview;

Dan's Picture

Tell us abit about yourself..?

I'm Dan, I'm 23 and live in Birmingham in the UK with my girlfriend Hannah in a lovely little town called Bournville (where all of the cadbury's chocolate is made!) I am currently working for a web design company in the city centre of Birmingham, the money isn't great but its not exactly a stressful job!

My main hobbies are:
Music - I love playing it, creating it, it is basically my life. At weekends I often DJ at various clubs around the country, my preferred style is Hardcore but I also play Trance and Hard-Dance when needed / asked. I have also racked up a fair few hours in the studio creating music, one of which is due to get released on a lable called Nu Energy ( in the coming months.

Fishkeeping - I have 3 tanks of my own in my house keeping mainly Cichlids, one tank is a nano-marine setup that will eventually house a pair of clownfish and a few other critters.

I have recently graduated from university with bSc Hons. in Computer Science, just trying to find a job that I want to do with it at the moment - the IT industry is very specialised here and jobs for graduates are often dead-ends!

What made you first decide to visit Turkey?

The price more than anything, it was so cheap (I think it was to do with the kusadasi bombing more than anything). After looking around on the net we saw the various things we could do in Turkey and it swayed the balance :)

I'm definetly glad we did now though!

Which cities have you visited in Turkey?

Not many but we visited: Kusadasi, Bodrum, and wherever we ended up when we got lost on a Dolmus hehe

Would you like to visit again? If yes - What is it about Turkey that you love?

Yes! We are coming back to Kusadasi this september. I like the relaxed atmosphere - it is a world away from the hectic lifestyle we live in England. Everything is so simple in Turkey and thats where its beauty lies. The food is amazing, the people are always really nice and I love the ethos of business out there - selling is their livelyhood and it is refreshing to see that shops dont close at 5pm, restaurants have a personal element to them and people genuinely WANT you to talk to them - not many countries realise how much a good rapport helps :)

Did you feel safe in Turkey? / How were the Turkish people?

Ill answer two in one here as I think they are 2 in the same thing We felt absolutely safe! There were a couple of occasions when there were a few young turks grabbing at my girlfriend etc - but we can handle ourselves and once you realise that that is the whole ethos here - its fine - and actually refreshing. It is only because we are English that we value our personal space so much - its like that HSBC advert that describes Mexico and their complete lack of understanding of personal space - once you realise and are comfortable with the fact that it is part of the culture you relax into it :)

In England no one would dream of picking up another persons young child and giving him/her a kiss on the cheek - its "not the done thing". I thought it was brilliant just how much the Turks love children, the parents in our hotel were happy to let the waiters play with their children - the kids loved it :)

The Turkish people obviously value the tourism industry - they must realise just how much it helps the economy - they cant do enough to help you.

Often it will come across as being pushy, especially when you just want to have a browse through shops - all you need to do is say no?!

You will always have people approach you - its not like in the UK where shop keepers expect you to come into their shops - these shops are owned by the people who run them - if it was you owning a shop wouldn't you want to go outside and try and get as many people in as possible?

Do you have any suggestions for new visitors to Turkey? Travel - tour tips? Can you recommend any specific places or advice?

Firstly - don't be afraid to barter / haggle for prices - its almost expected out there!

Visit the Markets - there is a wealth of interesting and amazing value to be found.

Dont be afraid to explore - get on a Dolmus and head somewhere - they are all marked with locations on them.

Definetly visit some of the ancient sights to be seen - I can definetly recommend Pamukkale and Ephesus (half day - not full!).

Dont book trips with your Holiday Rep if you are only interested in going to the place - there are plenty of small independant sales people who will do it cheaper! Although if you book with your holiday rep he will sort you out an english guide which is great if its a long journey / you need showing around.

I recommend an English Guide for Ephesus & Pamukkale (Peninsula tours are great).

Try lots of new food! Turkish Cuisine is amazing and so fresh - plus its all organic! The fish is fantastic out there, try local food! Go into a non english looking bar and ask the chef to recommend something from the Menu!

Buy a snorkel and Flippers! Buy a waterproof coin case.

Get a Turkish Shave!

Try a proper Kebab!

Visit the water park (Adaland or Aqua Fantasy in Kusadasi!).

Take an extra suitcase for all the "Genuine Fake" stuff you WILL buy! (Honestly they are really good fakes!) I bought 3 pairs of "Diesel" Jeans - they have had a really good wearing and they are still in amazing condition - and bearing in mind they cost me around £25 for the 3 pairs you cant moan!

Try some of the Corn they sell on the streets - it is an honest business and it is great as a snack

Drink LOTS of Efes!

Visit Kusadasi Bar Street, It is VERY cheesy and quite cringable - but its funny :)

Do some watersports :)

Learn about the culture - its the most interesting part of a holiday!

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