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Why do people love Turkey and travel so much? Read the interviews!

Why people love to travel to Turkey?

Read Dean's interview;

Dean and his family

Tell us abit about yourself..?

My name is Dean and I am married to Mandy we live in the large coastal city of Swansea in South Wales. I work as a process shift leader for a large American company in the aluminium business and my wife works for the family industrial cleaning buisiness.

What made you first decide to visit Turkey?

We found Turkey completely by accident, we decided to take a boat trip from Kos town to Bodrum beacause we were bored in our all inclusive hotel and we were impressed with the quality of the resort and friendliness of the local people.

Which cities have you visited in Turkey?

I have visited Bodrum, Izmir and intend to visit Istanbul sometime later this year.

Did you feel safe in Turkey?

I have never felt threatened in Turkey and would walk about at night with no fear at all.

How were the Turkish people?

The Turkish people have been fantastic and since we have bought have made firm friends with our estate agent and her family. I have also found the markets a fasinating place to shop and cant believe how humble and polite the local farm workers are always smiling and insisting you take your change. You obviously get the sales ploy from the shops and restaurants but when they get to know you its still a polite hello and how are you.I also like getting my free elma cay and a quick chat.

Do you have any suggestions for new visitors to Turkey? Travel - tour tips? Can you recommend any specific places or advice?

We went to Izmir in Febuary and really enjoyed it, but found it very cold, I would suggest if they visit off season to bring thick clothing. Also dont be afraid to try the language, I am often making a fool of myself but I am determined to crack some of it anyway. I would also suggest that you try the food dont eat with your eyes there are lots of fantastic flavours in the local delicacies.

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