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Why do people love Turkey and travel so much? Read the interviews!

Why people love to travel to Turkey?

Read Eline's interview;


Tell us abit about yourself..?

What is there to tell that you don't already know? I am blonde, I'm from Holland, and love turkey - especially Kusadasi. I spent 4 months there this Summer and had a great time. I even brought a little doggie from there. Worked in Kusadasi, was love and hated in Kusadasi, Met a lot of the Kusadasi forum members there, all the greatest sweeties in the world. Love skiing, dancing and going out with friends. Have great family and wonderful friends. All in all a pretty happy life!! Anything else you wanne know???

What made you first decide to visit Turkey?

Actually it was a lucky last minute booking... My first visit was to Marmaris, after that Kusadasi, Alanya and another 2 times to Kusadasi.

Which cities have you visited in Turkey?

Apart from the above, Izmir and Davutlar and Soke.

Would you like to visit again? If yes - What is it about Turkey that you love?

YES YES YES, what i love... just about everything, a medium told me I lived there in my past live. I cant explain it, I just feel very at home there and love the weather !!

Did you feel safe in Turkey?

To be honest, most of the time yes....but sometimes I didn't ....

How were the Turkish people?

Lovely most of them are friendly and adorable.

Do you have any suggestions for new visitors to Turkey? Travel - tour tips? Can you recommend any specific places or advice?

Try to book a stay in Hotel Carevanserail, its absolutely amazing!! Just do as you wish in Turkey, you can do all sorts of things and visit all sorts of places in Turkey. I think I just totally love are the boat trips !! And the advice I want to give to everyone who is going to visit Turkey.

Please don't book all inclusive, there are too many good restaurants everywhere in Kusadasi...Don't just stay in your hotel all the time but make time to visit center/locals and have a drink and chat with them....learn about Turkey, don't spend your whole holiday in a resort, you miss out on the best...

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