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Why do people love Turkey and travel so much? Read the interviews!

Why people love to travel to Turkey?

Read Nessie's interview;


Tell us abit about yourself..?

I'm 50, married to Christy, have 6 Children and 1 Grandson. I work nights in Cadbury's, and all above live with me including my Chinese daughter- in -law. I am interested in politics, social justice, history (especially ancient history) cos the World we know today all started back then. I am open to other cultures and love life, travelling and live for my holidays.

What made you first decide to visit Turkey?

I went on my first foriegn holiday in years to Tenerife early 2001. I was determined to get away again that summer.With money tight, and being tied to august, checked teletext and found Alanya,Turkey. Good deal as that resort had recently opened up to Irish market. Did some research and thought... Turkey sounds interesting..

Which cities have you visited in Turkey?

I've been to Alanya twice, Gumbet and Bodrum three times, Marmaris and Icmeler once and Kusadasi twice.

Would you like to visit again? If yes - What is it about Turkey that you love?

Already booked for June and August this year. I love so much about Turkey,where do I start?..I love the CULTURE, HISTORY, FOOD and NIGHTLIFE, the MUSIC and DANCING. I love the SCENERY and DIVERSITY. I appreciate the EFFORT and RESPECT afforded to us in order that each experience we have is enjoyed to the full. I believe I could enjoy myself most places,...BUT TURKEY is the only place I can have FUN and it has everything I'm looking for in a holiday.

Did you feel safe in Turkey?

I feel safer in Turkey than I do at home. The tourist area's are well policed. However I would exercise reasonable caution. I would not walk down darkly lit roads late at night. We always get a Taxi back to our hotel at the end of the night. In general Turkey has less petty crime ,due to strict law enforcment and hefty sentences. Just take as much care as you would visiting anywhere in the world.

How were the Turkish people?

I love the Turkish people. They are so friendly and outgoing. The hospitality and warmth are a culture shock to our cynical attitude. At first you think what are they looking for...this can't be for real. I have met people who are so nice and helpful AND had no monetary gain in it for them. Dolmus drivers who hailed correct Dolmus for us when we got the wrong one. An old Lady who gave us bread fresh from a bakery on a Dolmus trip. If you need directions,people don't just point, they bring you.

WHEN i broke my leg and in a wheelchair in 2001,people helped my husband push me around up hills and on track roads. The People in bars and Restaurants who showed their appreciation for our custom by sending us drinks on them. Their interest in us and their friendly conversation.The sense of national pride in their identity and the guides answering all your questions on the historical trips. I love their intelligence,their sense of knowing who they are, and being comfortable with it. Now I know there are not so nice Turkish people ,but they are so few,but when like me you have mostly positive dealings with these people, you can't help but be enchanted by them.

Do you have any suggestions for new visitors to Turkey? Travel - tour tips? Can you recommend any specific places or advice?

Firstly, be open to the friendliness, yes it can be a hard sell especially in the shops, but when you understand that their livelihood spans only 6 months or so and there's so much competition..what they make from tourism has to last through the winter,often supporting families, it's survival. If you don't want to buy just say a polite no.

Bring high factor suncreams and reapply frequently,drink lots of water during daytime,and space out your drinks at night with water, there are no measures for spirits. Also do buy snacks and drinks before you hit the airport to return home as same can be astronomically dear in airport..Don't be afraid to haggle as they never expect you to pay their inital asking price,offer about half and work from there.

Turkey is an open air muesem. For sight seeing Ephesus is a must, A major established city in ancient times mentioned in St.Paul's writings in the Bible and the last resting place of the Virgin Mary.

Prienne, Miletos, and Apollo's temple (awesome structure) are offered as one day package.

Pamukule (cotton mountain) amazing sight, included in that trip Hieropolis(ancient city) and Cleopatra's pool. When you swim ,beneath you are remains of columns and the spring water has benificial propieties (according to Cleopatra) and her beauty was renowned.

If you in the south of Turkey,Alanya or Antalya.Aspendos,a really well preserved amphitheathe is worth a visit.Also Side ,beautiful harbour area and the tops of the shops en route are in the original Greek structure,Very interesting.I did white water rafting from this region too.

If in Bodrum ST.PETER'S castle is a great place to visit, an ancient maritime museum. Plus the Marina Yacht Club is a really classy venue to eat in, beautiful food and salsa music.

FOOD AND DRINK: In Gumbet try Anna Livea, Yucca, Turkish Delight, and Chinatown for food. At night try Roxy's,dancing and great family entertainment. Also Shakers and Shamrock to dance the night away. In Kusadasi try Yucca ,good food and live band. Saray's - great restaurant, and for traditional turkish food Bul Bul. I recommend the Pide.

Nightlife can be Buzzin and noisy in Bar st.great fun,mainly young people but they do make allowance's for us old fogies.

In Kaleci(old town)(Kusadasi) there are many bars, some with D.J.'s like Limon Bar, Drop In has motown music, and Orient Bar has live music, great singers and turkish ambience. This bar has a tree going up through it and grapes hanging from the branches as a it there.There are many other bars which I have not tried yet in the area.Going to try out some new one's in the summer.

There are boat trips from all resorts, usually lunch included, very relaxing, great scenary and swimming.

Jeep Safari usually involves amazing mountain views, trips to local villiages where you can sample lovely fruit teas and watch the older men socializing and playing backgammon. You get to see cotton fields and what a cotton plant looks like, plus driving through car wash sprinklers and getting soaked - great fun! I love TURKEY and enjoy my holidays there so much.

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