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Why do people love Turkey and travel so much? Read the interviews!

Why people love to travel to Turkey?

Read Sabi's interview;


Tell us abit about yourself..?

I'm 29, graduated from chemistry, thinking about changing profession and place of living, love trekking mountains, taking photos, swimming, sailing (but only on the calm sea :) ), watching Bollywood movies (ok, not only Bollywood ones); I'm addicted to coffee and baklava, crazy about Turkish culture & people...

What made you first decide to visit Turkey?

Us the majority of us, I came to Turkey by chance. My best friend was invited to Istanbul and she asked me, if I'd like to go with her. I dreamt about going to India those days and I remember I thought.. "Turkey...what could be interesting in Turkey.. but ..hmm's still the East-a properly direction...Ok, it could be a good introduction to my lonely trip to India " so I came to Istanbul and of course fell in love.

Which cities have you visited in Turkey?

Istanbul (last time I spent almost one month there), Kusadasi (few days)

Would you like to visit again? If yes - What is it about Turkey that you love?

Of course I would I love Turkish culture-especially music, hospitality-there is so many tourists but Turks aren't bored with us, and -as Ally said-their respect for adults.

Did you feel safe in Turkey?

Very safe although I used to walk alone, even on forgotten streets. The only area where I don't feel too comfortable is Sultanahmet (between Aga Sophia and Blue Mosque) - because of pushy men aha: watch out on pickpockets there!!

How were the Turkish people?

Very hospitable, lively, helpful-when I was coming back to Poland, half of the coach was worried if I had managed to catch my train and invited me to their homes in case of troubles

A girl with who I was chatting a little on the ferry (a little cos my Turkish is very poor and she wasn't good in English) sent me a lovely mail and earrings without any reason.

Do you have any suggestions for new visitors to Turkey? Travel - tour tips? Can you recommend any specific places or advice?

Don't be afraid about anything. Don't take a package holidays: explore your own Turkey.

Travel tips ..hmm.. i got cold in the middle of hot summer because of air condition in a coach.. so it's better to have a pullover in your carry-on luggage.

Places u must visit in Istanbul: Aga Sophia, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Sunken Cistern, Topkapi Palace(there's a small restaurant on the open air in the background –wonderful view), Galata Tower, Grand Bazaar (amazing stuffs with amazing margins ), Istiklal Caddesi, Egyptian Bazaar-especially the garden market with leeches in big jars.

My lovely places in Istanbul:

  • the Bosphorus (you have been cruising for 2 hours and admiring Istanbul's landscape, drinking tea, observing it),
  • Kumkapi fish market and fish restaurants (full of live and gipsy music at the evenings)
  • Fener district: old-fashioned, wooden houses in narrow streets...women in black washing carpets on the lane...herd of sheeps..., and Fethiye Mosque (watch out: it's very conservative district) , Ecumenical Orthodox Patriarche, Great School.
  • Buyukada: a charming island about 1,5 hour by ferry from Istanbul, no cars, only bikes and hackney carriages, a lot of cats, wooden houses, the best fish restaurants on whole world, good place for swimming and resting in spite of stony beaches
  • BHU shop in Sirkeci : the best Ekmek Kadayifi
  • Cigdem Patisserie: I used to eat my morning simit +ayran here, the best cherry cakes , love it
  • Roumelie café, delicious Turkish coffee
  • All lovely pubs on Istiklal Caddesi
  • Places worth to see too: Kamondo Stairs, Tunel, Kiz Kulesi..

I regret that I didn't try bath in hamam...and didn't visit Dolmahbace Palace, didn't see a football match in Galatasaray stadion, and I didn't learn how to foretell from I just must come back

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