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Why do people love Turkey and travel so much? Read the interviews!

Why people love to travel to Turkey?

Read Sarah's interview;


Tell us abit about yourself..?

My name is Sarah, I'm 17 and I love Kusadasi!! I'm at college studying law, psychology, maths and English literature. I love music, dancing, swimming, yoga and just having fun with my mates.

What made you first decide to visit Turkey?

I've only been to Turkey once, but it made a big impact on me!! I love it soooo much and miss everything about it when I'm at home. The first time I heard I was going to Turkey for my holiday last year, I wasn't really sure what to think. I only knew a couple of people who had been to Turkey, but not Kusadasi and none of my friends had been so no one could tell me what it would be like. As I hadn't been before I didnt know what to expect but it was such a surprise!! When i was getting on the plane and on my way I was still unsure and was certain I wouldn't like it but the minute I got there I was so happy!!

Which cities have you visited in Turkey?

I've only visited kusadasi but it was so great...I'd love to see more of turkey some time!

Would you like to visit again? If yes - What is it about Turkey that you love?

Would I like to visit again?...Don't ask a silly question. I want to live there....I love that place sooo much. Of course I'm going to go back as much as I can....I'm an addict. I never shut up about the place!!

Kusadasi is the best place i've ever been to!! I might have only been once (so far) but it's the only place that's made such an impact on me!! I love it so much that when I'm at home I miss it really bad!

I love everything about Kusadasi. The people are great!! They are so welcoming and always make sure you're fine!! They're charmers and entertainers and always smiling!! They're my kind of people!! The place is fab!! Gorgeous beaches and lots of culture. Lovely sights, restaurants and pubs surround the centre and everywhere is so nice. I do have my favourites though... Bar street is a great night out and lots of people to meet. Casablanca is my favourite place ever. I made some great friends there!! There's a great atmosphere and such fab people... I fell in love with the place!! Every pub, club and restaurant in Kusadasi was fab (the ones that i managed to get to) They have great food and drink and prices are fine, but the people just made my holiday!!

Did you feel safe in Turkey?

I never felt scared and I always felt safe. I made so many friends out there it was unbelievable...I'm still in contact with lots of them and cannot wait to see them again, It's like having another family. The people in Turkey are great they'll always take care of you and make sure you get home safe. Most restaurants even have their own company car which will pick you up and my friends at Casablanca took us home every night just out of kindness. They wouldnt take any people like that are special!!

There is no reason to feel unsafe in Turkey, there may be rumours or stories that you have heard but I can tell you honestly from my heart every moment of my holiday i felt like i was at home...(safety wise) not once did i think anything bad of Kusadasi! the only thing i will say is you should act like you would anywhere else...I can even say I probably felt safer there then in my own town....

How were the Turkish people?

The Turkish people are the best!! They are so welcoming and and provide such a great atmosphere! They're always there for you and also want to earn as much from you as you do of them! They are soo sweet and kind...if the whole world was like that im sure we'd have no trouble. They're the best people i've ever met, always smiling and welcome everyone without question. I love them all.

Do you have any suggestions for new visitors to Turkey? Travel - tour tips? Can you recommend any specific places or advice?

Every little moment of my holiday I adored....The people, the sights, the places, aqua parks, the beaches...the lot!!!

The only advice and recommendation I can give is....get to your travel agents now and get it sorted....GO TO TURKEY!!

A little list of some of my favorites in Kusadasi this year:

Restaurants; all time favourite!!...this place has the best atmosphere!! great meals, fab entertainment and the friendliest staff! i made friends with everyone here last year and kept in touch with them all...fab night!!
Mayflower...Another good one...nice meals and good entertainment...fab staff!!
The Yellow Rose...This one is about 5-10 minutes from the centre and near the beach...A lovely little place...nice meals and welcoming staff!!

My favourite this year on Bar Street. Good music and great friends.... All of the other Bar Street bars are great too and I would recommend that you try them all l!! fab night out!!!

I think you should use the dolmus to get around. It's like a little minibus that everyone piles on to and it's a great way to get around. It's cheap and you just need to shout when you want to be off and stick your hand out when you want to be on.

I recommend you go and have a turkish bath they are fab!! A great experience and makes you lovely and clean what more can you ask for?

The beaches are favourite this time was long beach which is easy to get to and so accomodating. the water's clear and warm and the loungers are fab..very comfortable...and the people there were great fun and love to come and talk to you.

Aqua fantasy was great too...not far from the centre and a fun time. It's a good day out.

The food is lovely and fair prices..they have such a variety so if you dont feel up to trying traditional Turkish food then they will serve English and many others.

The shopping in Turkey is all over...there are small..or big markets most days selling everything from food to clothes and shoes or small shops around the town with great'll go home with a whole new wardrobe.

If you travel to turkey have a great time, and have fun experiencing the turkish culture and traditions.

I hope someone has as much fun as i do at my favorite places in kus. Please go to turkey and experience the great times i won't regret it!!

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